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Author1 Zhou, Panfeng
2 Gong, Jun
Affiliation1 Northeastern University
2 Northeastern University
TitleThreshold aggregate query in spatio-temporal network databases
Conference NameSimpósio Brasileiro de Geoinformática, 7 (GEOINFO).
EditorFonseca, Frederico
Casanova, Marco Antônio
Book TitleAnais
Date20-23 nov. 2005
Publisher CitySão José dos Campos
PublisherInstituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE)
Conference LocationCampos do Jordão
AbstractAggregate R-B-tree (aRB-tree) provides a framework for supporting OLAP operations over spatio-temporal data. Although existing aRB-tree implementations process sptio-temporal aggregate queries pretty efficiently, it is hardly applicable for online processing due to the excessive accesses to the aggregate B-trees of the entries in the R-tree and the overlap in the R-tree. This paper addresses these problems by proposing several techniques that completely avoid the overlap in the R-tree and significantly reduce the excessive accesses to the B-trees during the update. We further extended original aRB-tree to aRBB+-tree which can process the threshold aggregate queries more efficiently.
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